Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What sort of action?

Yesterday NUT and NASUWT launched an historic agreement to protect teachers and defend education.

The two unions, which between them represent 85% of teachers, agreed to focus on:
*Workload Pressures

The campaign will involve joint non-strike action from September which, if there is no movement from government, will lead to joint strike action later in the term.

Today, Kevin Courtney (NUT Deputy General Secretary) outlined for Division Secretaries what form non-strike sanctions will take. Non-strike action will be targeted to:
*enhance teaching and learning
*hit at over-the-top accountability not learning
*not withdraw goodwill
*move beyond current action being taken by teaching unions.

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Teachers Together

Following yesterday's historic agreement between NUT and NASUWT to work together to protect teachers and defend the education system, today's briefing for all NUT Division Secretaries will outline what this means in practice and the benefits for members at a local level.

Details of the agreement can be found at here and latest national news by following #teacherstogether on Twitter.

More to follow throughout the day...