Friday, 20 January 2012

UCU to Continue Pensions Campaign

News just in: The Executive of the University and Colleges Union, representing teachers and lecturers in HE and FE, have rejected the government Heads of Agreement by a majority of 3:1. This means that UCU, many of whose members are in the Teachers' Pension Scheme, will be continuing the pensions campaign alongside the NUT, NASUWT, PCS, Unite and others.

UCU is looking to meet with other unions who have rejected the deal to discuss strategy and tactics over the next few weeks. NUT and PCS have also announced that they are seeking such a meeting. This presents the real prospect of a united campaign continuing from and building on the November 30th national Day of Action.

A broad range of tactics may even see the involvement of unions which are still in negotiations but have not yet signed a deal with government. Alongside this broad approach, another day of strike action is likely to be on the cards before the imposition of increased contributions on 1st April. UCU are suggesting that 1st March may be a possibility.

So, the pensions campaign is alive and well with a real prospect of delivering for members. Now we need to involve everyone we can on what is undoubtedly the fight of our lives.

School Meetings

We are trying to get out to as many schools as possible to discuss the next steps in the pensions campaign,  forced academies and all the other issues affecting our members in Oxfordshire. Also a great opportunity for school groups to elect or re-elect a school rep.

If you would like a member of the local committee to visit your school or would like any support with organising a meeting for members, get in touch now on or 07967392229.