Sunday, 13 September 2015

Impressive, Challenging & Essential: TUC Day 1

Positive and enthusiastic start to TUC Congress.

Much mention of the vision of hope provided by the election of Jeremy Corbyn! 

In the President's Address, Leslie Manasseh talked of this too, and 
of how Collective Bargaining and Union membership, especially in private enterprise, is on the decline. 

'Unless we grow in numbers, we cannot grow in strength. ' he said. 'We need to understand why many of the working classes voted Tory in the last election. '

He talked about how strong organisation is the key- strong reps - essential!  

We can't change things by shouting; we need to change from within. We must rebuild Trade Unions. We must speak more to non members. Not just talk to activists. That's too safe! 

We need to get out there and do the hard job. The younger generation need to know why joining a TU is a good idea. 

We owe this to those who built the unions!! And to those who come after us! 

There are those who want to destroy the unions, and we must work hard, organise, and stand united in order 
to stop them! '

Impressive, challenging and essential, don't you think? 

Sarah Carter
SE Region NUT
TUC Delegate

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